GNURadio Win64 Documentation



To install GNURadio Win64, simply run the installer and choose a destination directory.  Note that this is a 1.7GB install, so it will take some time!  The progress bar will likely appear to hang when it is about 95% across, just let it continue.

After install is complete, run the "VOLK Profile" program in the Start Menu under GNURadio 3.7.  This program will profile your computer and determine the fastest way to run GNURadio.  It will take a few minutes, for the most accurate results, don't use any other programs while it is running.

Once complete the only steps that may be required is to install your device drivers.  If your chosen SDR has already been run successfully on your PC, then this should not be required.

RTLSDR devices: Run "zadig.exe" found in the GNURadio-3.7 shortcut.  Select your device, and choose your driver (defaults should be fine) and click "install"

USRP devices: For windows 8.1/10, start here for instructions on how to disable signature enforcement. Then. go to device manager, find your device, and click "update driver"->"Browse my computer".  Then navigate to GNURadio-3.7\share\uhd, and the driver should be found and installed.  Note that firmware images are already included so no need for a seperate download.


For a simple test, click on the Spectrum Browser on the Start Menu to get basic operation running. 

This installation was designed to be self-contained and not impact nor be impacted by other programs already installed on your machine.  As a result, directly double-clicking on the .py files inside the programs folders will not work.  To run GNURadio programs, open the GNURadio Command Prompt from the start menu.  You can then navigate the program folder to run scripts of interest.  Most are either in the /bin folder or the /share/gnuradio/examples tree.

A particular script is of interest, a desktop shortcut can easily be made with the command line in the format "run_gr.bat argument0 argument1 ..."

If the machine does not have a separate GNURadio or Python installation, then the environment variable additions in run_gr.bat can be added to the permanent environment variables which will allow users to double-click any GNURadio .py file and have it run.


Current known issues and change log can be found here.