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What We Do:

GCN Development architects, designs, and builds solutions for custom in-house needs, and has been in business since 2003. While primarily focused on software development, we can also design limited hardware to complement a particular software solution where required.

Example Expertise:

Machine Learning / Predictive Intelligence:

Deep expertise in MS SQL solutions, to include complex ETL requirements, data management, OLAP datacubes, and creation of predictive metrics models using multiple machine learning algorithms.

Extensive optimization experience, most recently resulting in a java-based package capable of importing thousands of real-world assets and requirements and replanning to provide a demonstrated 10-15% cost savings compared to manual planning techniques.

Enterprise Sales / Production Management:

Design of end-to-end production management systems from taking customer orders to design/approval of product to production itself and shipping.Customers with $5M+/year revenue have relied on our software when a minute of downtime would have instant financial impact.

Point-Of-Use Apps:

Development of enterprise iOS apps that provide aircraft maintainers with information they need before they even realize they need it.

Language Expertise:

C, Objective-C, C++, C#, VB, Java, SQL, T-SQL, OLAP, MDX, ASP.NET, Python, JavaScript, HTML


Because our products are on a by-commission basis, they are not available for sale to the general public, sorry.

We have, however, worked with the open source community to make one of the best RF SDR products more accessible to windows users, information on that work can be found here.

Our solutions have ranged in scale from simple apps to multi-server enterprise level systems. Our rate structure is negotiable, per-hour being most common but fixed-rate possible given well-defined requirements.


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